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What makes a Shadowfire Press erotic romance different than other erotic romance publisher's ebooks?

First and foremost our books are a complete, fully realized story. While some of our erotica titles lean more heavily toward sexual content, books labled 'erotic romances' are first and foremost a great romance read. At Shadowfire Press we believe that sexual content should be the dessert that comes with a full meal of excitement, danger, the triumph of good over evil, love and romance, rather than the 'main course' of the novel or story.

Meet Some of our Staff:

Michael Barnette: Editor-in-Chief

Michael has been a writer since the mid-1990s, starting out as a poet and graduating to prose in 1997. He is multi-published in several genres including a few professional short story sales. Back in the 1990s he also published a small horror and poetry zine, evernight, under the Shadowfire Press imprint, which is where the company got it's name. In addition to publishing evernight the former incarnation published quite a few poetry chapbooks by different poets--and the current incarnation has published one poetry ebook, Michael's Children of Evernight which contains some of his vampire poetry. Other prior experience includes being a first reader for several other publishers, and serving as an editor for one of them. Michael is in charge of all submissions, some editing and acts as the art director as well as doing the bulk of website programming for Shadowfire Press. Coyote and he also work together to create photo manipulated cover art for most Shadowfire Press books.

Tracy Boyall: Finance Officer
Tracy writes under the name Auburnimp and has several books and numerous short stories out. She lives in England and loves cats of all sizes. She is in charge of sending out royalty statements, making sure everyone gets paid, and looking after our shopping cart. She is our primary Customer Service Representative and does the occasional book edit. She's planning to learn how to use Poser, so she can do covers for the company.

Colleen Craven: Tax Records and Company Finance Consultant-CMC Financial Solutions
Colleen has opened her own firm, CMC Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions LLC where she is utilizing her experience as a consultant for other investment firms and expanding to handle the personal finances for high wealth individuals and small businesses. Colleen received her BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 1995.

Coyote Osborne: Book Layout and Design
Coyote created our book layout template and helps us by doing the formatting of our ebooks. He also helps create cover art, all on a voluntary basis. He's a professional web programmer and also helps us from time to time when we get stuck working out the more complicated programing for the site. He teams up with our Editor-in-Chief to create photo manipulated cover art.

GJ Woodrum: Payment Processing and Customer Service
GJ is one of our authors, and she has graciously offered to process payments for Shadowfire Press. She also handles some customer service related issues and questions.

For a complete list of staff at Shadowfire Press as well as where to check out our author pages, go to
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Current Releases

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Nimbus Exhales
Raymond Marble

Hello and Farwell
Michael Barnette

Thrill Me!2: Deadly Influence
T. K. Nameth

Sweet Temptation
Kitty Cahill

Love From the Ashes 2: Recon
Gwen Campbell

Love's Vision
Kitty Cahill

The Perils of Forgotten Pain
Ravon Silvias

Spellslayer 2: Revenge of the Serpent Priestess
V. Greene

Love From the Ashes 1: Captain O'Reilly's Woman
Gwen Campbell

Breakdown of a Pack
Gwen Campbell

Wyoming Wild 2: Breakdown of a Pack
Gwen Campbell

SpellSlayer 1: Curse of the Wizard's Guild
V. Greene

Easter Egg: Mating Season
Persephone Jones

Power: Part 2 (Through Neon Eyes Book 7)
Michael Barnette

Power: Part 1; a Through Neon Eyes Book 6
Michael Barnette

Promises 2
Michael Barnette

Santa's Little Helper
Bosley Gravel

Promises 1: A Through Neon Eyes series story (Book 3)
Michael Barnette

A Kinky Little Christmas
Gwen Campbell

All Tomorrow's Halloween Parties
Gwen Campbell

Through Neon Eyes 2: Control
Michael Barnette


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