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Give Me Shelter
Alexis D Craig

Just Perfect
JoMarie DeGioia

Sister of Spirit
Annette Blair

Valley of the Lawless
Lee Martin

Passion's Race
Christine Mazurk

More Than Charming (Book 3 Dashing Nobles Series)
JoMarie DeGioia

To Tempt An Angel (Book 1 Douglas series)
Patricia Grasso

Dragon's Fall Rise of the Scarlet Order
David Lee Summers

Cold Moon Dead (Book 4 Esposito Series)
J M Griffin

Undercover Seduction (Book 1 Sensual Encounters)
Alexis D Craig

The S&M Club
Lindy S Hudis

The Wolfen Strain
Chris Stevenson

More Than Passion (Book 1 Dashing Nobles Series)
JoMarie DeGioia

Star Dust First Contact
Ann O'Bannon

Fighting Fate
Louise Clark

Her Kind of Man
Elaine Cantrell

Pagan Bride
Patricia Grasso

Jessica Penot

Butterfly Garden
Annette Blair

Dirty Trouble (Book 2 Esposito Series)
J M Griffin

Jacob's Return
Annette Blair


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